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Balancing machines


CIMAT Makes It Possible

To deliver your business the highest quality, CIMAT's machines are made from the parts manufactured within the European Union.

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About Us

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CIMAT Ltd, expert in balancing, has been continuously developing since its foundation in 1987.


CIMAT is a leading company in the field of balancer manufacturing and sales in Poland and one of renowned international distributors. It employs the best qualified staff in Poland. They provide servicing of balancing machines, covering the entire country, and design new balancers in Bydgoszcz. Highly qualified staff develop electronic, mechanical and pneumatic systems as well as software. Among experts employed at CIMAT there are Doctors of Technical Science.


CIMAT is a high-tech designer and manufacturer of machines for industry and craft workshops. Since its foundation, the company has aimed to provide clients with the most up-to-date technological solutions tailored to meet their individual needs.


The success of the brand from Bydgoszcz relies primarily on professionalism and staff commitment, modern manufacturing methods, highest quality standards, innovative technological solutions as well as rich and unique product assortment.


We are engaged in:

  • balancing machine manufacturing and sales
  • balancing machine servicing
  • balancing machine certification
  • balancing machine maintenance and modernisation
  • technical testing
  • balancing services – solving technological problems related to balancing
  • training on balancing theory and practice

CIMAT Ltd offers universal balancing machines and special balancers, tailored to specific trades and individual needs of clients. After starting the balancer, we help the client implement it. In terms of purpose of use of balancers, our manufacturing and service offer is virtually unlimited. We prepare, among others, complete technological lines – including a mechanical project, control system project, manufacturing as well as electrical and mechanical assembly and start-up.


We ensure quick guarantee and post-guarantee servicing, also available 24h.


Our machines are used in aircraft, moto, energy, shipbuilding, mining, metallurgical, ventilation, paper and agricultural industry and many other branches of industry and craftsmanship.


Our clients include such companies as:

VALEO, SACHS, ABB, PRATT & WHITNEY, ROCKWELL, ELEKTROWNIA BEŁCHATÓW, PESA, PKP, ZNTK, LUCCHINI, AIRBUS, WSK Rzeszów, Fiat Power Train, Muhlhoff, Mittal Stall Service, POWEN – Wafapomp, Hydro Vacum, Grupa Cantonii, ANGA, Dantherm Filtration, MERCOR, AVIA, Chofum, Partner Elektra, Military University of Technology in Warsaw, ZPRE Jedlicze and hundreds of others.


Thanks to the cooperation with world leaders in various branches and worldwide activity in 53 countries on all continents (Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australia) we have gained adequate experience and know-how which enable us to run even the most demanding projects.




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